Why You Should Include Sourdough in Your Diet

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The yr 2020 has modified our residence cooking. As we handled phases of lockdowns and unlocks whereas working from residence and education on-line, the seek for wholesome meals choices led us to experiment with cooking and baking.

In the previous few months, there was a deluge of sourdough baking posts on Facebook and Instagram. Run a #sourdough hashtag search on Instagram and one can find three.7 million posts. Interestingly, a lot of them are from India, the place bread isn’t even the staple meals.

What is sourdough? Is it a brand new meals? Not actually. Sourdough is one the oldest types of fermented meals believed to have originated in historic Egypt round 1500 BC. It was the one method to make bread till the 19th century when baker’s yeast got here into the market.

In India, bread making was thought of to be a sophisticated and time-consuming course of. However, in the course of the lockdown, hesitancy to purchase readymade bread, non-availability of yeast – an important ingredient for bread making, and time to experiment led to sourdough baking which explains for the immense reputation of this method.

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