Why Does My Cat Love to Knock Things Over?

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Chasing their proprietor’s toes, making an attempt to eat tape, and scratching mirrors — cats have a protracted record of quirky behaviors that go away us puzzled! One cat behavior I actually cannot appear to work out, although, is why they love to knock issues over. Why do they appear to discover enjoyment in pushing gadgets to the sting of the desk and watching them fall as their proprietor (aka me) appears to be like on in frustration? What provides!? As two consultants clarify under, this habits is widespread in felines and has some fairly fascinating motives behind it.

Cats knocking issues over is nothing out of the strange, and because it seems, there are a couple of good causes cats might act out this (generally infuriating) habits. One of the explanations, in accordance to Maureen Murithi, DVM, registered veterinarian and veterinary spokesperson of on-line pet useful resource SpiritDog Training, is that cats are pure hunters and their need to knock issues over could also be rooted in prey drive. “They normally use their paws to test unfamiliar objects in their environment,” Dr. Murithi mentioned. “Cats’ paws are highly sensitive, and therefore they use them to test if unfamiliar objects are safe.”

Another motivation cats might have to knock issues over is they’re making an attempt to get their proprietor’s consideration. Ever set down a glass of water on the desk and stroll away, solely to have your cat push it to the sting and knock it over? Yup, it might be as a result of they’re making an attempt to catch your eye. “Cats love attention and are keen to notice your reaction depending on their behavior,” Dr. Murithi informed POPSUGAR. “Your reaction following an accident around the home, such as knocking over a flower vase, can condition them to associate it with attention.” So it is crucial to act nonchalant when these conditions come up.

Last, however not least, cats could also be knocking issues over round the home as a result of they’re curious and, fairly merely, bored. “Cats are very curious,” mentioned Jeff Werber, DVM, chief veterinary officer for Airvet. “Their natural inclination is to touch things, which becomes a problem if what they are touching is not well-anchored.” Dr. Werber cautioned that in case your cat is knocking issues over repeatedly, they might be bored.

Because indoor cats are saved inside and never ready to exit and fulfill their innate curiosity with outside stimuli, Dr. Murithi suggested to schedule a play time with transferring objects to assist treatment any boredom or need to be entertained related to knocking issues over. “To avoid such accidents, scheduled playtime is advised, aimed at finding a release from pent-up energy,” Dr. Murithi mentioned. “Moving objects offer a nice distraction, especially for indoor cats as they lack the freedom to explore the outdoors and exercise or play.”

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