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Though the low carb, excessive fats keto weight loss program was initially devised to assist deal with epilepsy, many individuals are turning to it to reduce weight.

According to some analysis, it supplies a number of benefits over different diets, together with making it simpler to burn your saved physique fats, keep your metabolic charge (the energy you burn at relaxation), and really feel extra full on fewer energy (1, 2, three).

That mentioned, you could surprise how a lot weight you may count on to lose in your first week on keto. Many folks report excessive weight reduction when first beginning the weight loss program. However, a lot of this may be attributed to water losses.

This article evaluations how a lot weight you may count on to lose in your first week of keto.

On keto, you strictly restrict your carb consumption, sometimes to 50 grams or fewer per day of complete carbs, or 25 grams or fewer of web carbs, that are complete carbs minus fiber.

For most individuals, carbs are the physique’s major supply of vitality. When you restrict carbs, your physique burns by the carb shops in your muscle tissues and liver — referred to as glycogen — sometimes inside a number of days (four, 5).

After this, your physique switches to a metabolic state referred to as ketosis, through which it makes use of ketones which might be damaged down from dietary fats or saved physique fats, as its major supply of gasoline (four, 5).

This shift, throughout which you burn by your glycogen shops and change to utilizing ketones, often takes lower than every week. However, for some folks, it could take longer (four, 5).

Many folks discover dramatic weight reduction throughout this transition interval after first beginning the keto weight loss program, however most of that is due to modifications in water weight (6).


When you limit carbs on keto, your physique quickly burns by glycogen, the saved carbs in your liver and muscle tissues. After your glycogen shops are depleted, you shift to burning fats. Many folks discover dramatic weight reduction throughout this transition.

The glycogen saved in your muscle tissues and liver is certain with water, sometimes at a ratio of three grams of water for every gram of glycogen (6).

When you burn by these saved carbs, this water is excreted in your urine or sweat (6).

As such, after beginning keto, you could discover that you’ve got to urinate extra usually and really feel a lot thirstier than regular. You may additionally discover giant weight losses, that are largely water-weight losses (6, 7).

Depending in your dimension and the way a lot water weight you’re carrying, this weight reduction can differ. Anecdotally, folks report losses inside the first week of anyplace from 1 pound (zero.5 kg) to 10 or extra kilos (5 kg).

The bigger you’re, the extra water weight you’re doubtless to lose after beginning keto. Although, it’s unlikely that a lot of this preliminary weight reduction is fats loss.

However, when you enter ketosis, it’s a lot simpler to make the most of your personal saved fats for vitality, which is one cause why the keto weight loss program could also be advantageous for weight reduction (three).


When you burn by glycogen, your physique releases the water that was certain to it. Much of your early weight reduction might be due to these water losses. Still, you’ll burn extra saved physique fats when you’re absolutely in ketosis.

Many folks use the keto weight loss program for weight reduction, and there are a number of reviews on-line of dramatic weight reduction shortly after beginning the weight loss program.

This is probably going largely water weight as a result of as you burn by your carb shops, your physique releases the water that was certain to these carbs.

Once you’re absolutely in ketosis, your weight reduction will most likely decelerate, but it surely’s doubtless to be extra fats than water.

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