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The Hallelujah Diet is a plant-based weight loss program that’s primarily centered on uncooked fruits and greens and based mostly on a passage from the Bible.

It encourages the consumption of entire meals and proprietary dietary supplements to revive the physique’s self-healing mechanisms and claims to reverse over 170 ailments.

While the weight loss program is very restrictive and requires important life-style adjustments, this system gives instructional instruments and sources which are meant that will help you get began and preserve the weight loss program in the long run.

This article opinions the Hallelujah Diet and tells you whether or not it really works for weight reduction.

Diet evaluation scorecard

  • Overall rating: 2.25
  • Weight loss: four
  • Healthy consuming: 2
  • Sustainability: 2
  • Whole physique well being: 2
  • Nutrition high quality: 1.5
  • Evidence-based: 2

BOTTOM LINE: The Hallelujah Diet is a biblical raw-food weight loss program that guarantees to enhance your well being and revert illness. However, it depends closely on dietary supplements, could be very restrictive, and a few of its claims should not supported by science.

The Hallelujah Diet was developed by Pastor George M. Malkmus after receiving a most cancers prognosis, which led him to search for a biblical and pure approach to let his physique heal itself.

The weight loss program relies on a passage from the Bible — Genesis 1:29 — which states: “Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.’”

The passage implies a give attention to plant-based fairly than animal-based meals.

Thus, the Hallelujah weight loss program replaces processed, refined, and animal-based meals with natural, clear, uncooked plant-based meals — primarily fruits and greens.

It includes a four-step plant-based weight loss program and complement kits meant to cleanse your physique from toxins that make you sick.

In addition to this system’s dietary supplements, the weight loss program gives pure juices, natural protein bars, train applications, webinars, and recipes as a part of its instructional sources.

What’s extra, the weight loss program provides the Hallelujah Recovery Diet and Rescue Plans for individuals with most cancers, arthritis, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Alzheimer’s, and coronary heart and autoimmune ailments.

Rescue plans are meant to assist your immune system attain most therapeutic energy.

Furthermore, there’s a Perfect Cleanse plan, a fasting program that includes a 5-day cleanse, throughout which you solely eat 6 of their dietary supplements, that’s to be completed month-to-month for Three months.

The Hallelujah weight loss program guarantees to recharge your immune system to permit for the reversal of ailments.


The Hallelujah weight loss program is a primarily uncooked plant-based weight loss program that replaces processed, refined, and animal-based meals with uncooked plant-based meals and dietary supplements.

The Hallelujah weight loss program consists of consuming 85% uncooked plant-based meals and 15% cooked plant-based meals.

Additionally, this system’s complement kits are meant to assist fill dietary gaps to enhance your well being.

The weight loss program is split right into a four-step plan:

  • Step 1. The first step consists of consuming primarily uncooked greens, fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  • Step 2. This step replaces meat, dairy, and refined carbs, sugar, and salt merchandise — all of that are known as poisonous meals — with more healthy plant-based options.
  • Step Three. This third section requires juicing and consuming this system’s BarleyMax complement, an natural, unheated juice powder, to reinforce nutrient absorption.
  • Step four. The final step is supplementation, which is meant to offer vitamin B12, vitamin D3, iodine, selenium, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) to keep away from deficiencies.

The weight loss program provides a number of complement kits that fluctuate relying in your well being standing. You might select to begin with the Get Started Kit, which incorporates the BarleyMax and fiber cleanse.

Alternatively, it’s possible you’ll go for the Immune Booster or Detox kits, or buy dietary supplements individually, together with probiotics, nutritional vitamins and minerals, superfoods, protein powders, and menopause-focused choices.

You might take an internet quiz on this system’s web site, which the corporate claims can consider your well being and inform you which complement equipment could be finest for you.


The Hallelujah weight loss program includes 85% uncooked plant-based meals and 15% cooked plant-based meals, in addition to a complement equipment. It’s damaged down into 4 steps that will help you transition to its urged approach of consuming.

The Hallelujah weight loss program eliminates all processed and animal-based meals. Because the weight loss program encourages the next consumption of uncooked meals, it divides meals into three classes — uncooked meals, cooked meals, and meals to keep away from.

Raw meals

These meals ought to comprise 85% of your day by day consumption:

  • Vegetables: all uncooked greens
  • Fruit: contemporary and unsulphured natural dried fruit; fruits are restricted to not more than 15% of your day by day meals consumption
  • Grains: uncooked muesli, soaked oats, dehydrated crackers, and dehydrated granola
  • Beans: peas, sprouted lentils, inexperienced beans, sprouted garbanzos, and sprouted mung beans
  • Protein-rich meat options: chia seeds, hemp seeds, and sprouted beans are listed as protein-rich plant meals
  • Nuts and seeds: walnuts, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, uncooked almonds, uncooked almond butter, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and tahini (sparingly)
  • Oils and fat: virgin coconut oil, additional virgin olive oil, Udo’s Oil (a vegetarian omega-Three oil mix), flaxseed oil, and avocados
  • Dairy: dairy options solely, together with contemporary almond milk, creamy banana milk, and frozen bananas, strawberry, or blueberry as “fruit creams”
  • Beverages: distilled water, the weight loss program’s juice powders, and freshly extracted vegetable juices; fruit juices excessive in pure sugars must be saved to a minimal
  • Seasonings: contemporary or dehydrated herbs, garlic, candy onions, parsley, and salt-free seasonings
  • Soups: uncooked, chilled soups made by mixing greens and fruits
  • Sweets: fruit smoothies, uncooked fruit pies with nut or date crusts, date-nut squares, and so on.

Cooked meals

Though not all meals on this class are cooked, they’re usually extra processed than meals within the uncooked meals part and ought to solely comprise 15% of your day by day consumption.

To make sure you don’t surpass this restrict, the weight loss program encourages you to refill on uncooked meals first in any respect meals, then add cooked meals at one meal.

  • Vegetables: any steamed or wok-cooked contemporary or frozen greens, baked white, yellow, or candy potatoes, squash, and so on.
  • Fruit: cooked and unsweetened frozen fruits
  • Grains: entire grain cereals, pasta, bread, millet, brown rice, and so on.
  • Beans: lima, navy, adzuki, lentil, black, kidney, natural soy, pinto, and white
  • Protein-rich meat options: mushrooms, cooked beans, and grains, and so on.
  • Nuts and seeds: cashew and almonds which were heat-treated for retail however not roasted or salted
  • Oils and fat: vegan mayonnaise made out of cold-pressed oils
  • Dairy: nondairy and packaged cheese, almond milk, cashew cream, hemp milk, and rice milk (sparingly)
  • Beverages: cereal-based coffee-like drinks, caffeine-free natural teas, and bottled natural juices
  • Seasonings: similar as uncooked choices
  • Soups: soups made out of scratch with out fats, dairy, meat, or refined desk salt
  • Sweets: agave, uncooked honey, stevia, unsulphured molasses, sorghum, carob, maple syrup, palm sugar (all sparingly)

Foods to keep away from

These meals must be eliminated out of your weight loss program:

  • Vegetables: all canned greens with added salt or preservatives and greens fried in oil
  • Fruit: canned and sweetened fruits, nonorganic, and sulfured dried fruits
  • Grains: refined, bleached flour merchandise, most chilly breakfast cereals, and white rice
  • Beans: genetically modified soy
  • Meats: beef, fish, pork, turkey, hen, eggs, hamburgers, bacon, scorching canine sausage, bologna, and so on.
  • Nuts and seeds: all roasted or salted seeds and nuts
  • Oils and fat: all lard, margarine, shortenings, and something containing hydrogenated oils or trans fat
  • Dairy: all milk, cheese, ice cream, whipped toppings, and nondairy creamers
  • Beverages: alcohol, caffeinated teas, espresso, sports activities drinks, soda pop, and so on. with preservatives, refined salt, sugar, and synthetic sweeteners
  • Seasonings: refined desk salt and any seasonings containing it
  • Soups: all canned, packaged, or creamed soups containing salt, meat, or dairy merchandise
  • Sweets: all refined white or brown sugar, synthetic sweeteners, sugar syrups, chocolate, sweet, gum, cookies, donuts, truffles, pies, and so on.


The Hallelujah weight loss program divides meals into uncooked, cooked, and these to keep away from. To maintain your cooked meals to a most of 15% of your day by day consumption, it is best to restrict them to as soon as a day.

Though the Hallelujah weight loss program will not be marketed as a weight reduction program, its consuming sample creates a calorie deficit that probably results in weight reduction, if that is your purpose.

For occasion, the weight loss program eliminates all processed and refined meals, that are related to extra weight (1, 2).

Additionally, analysis means that vegan diets just like the Hallelujah weight loss program are an environment friendly weight reduction technique, in addition to that vegans typically have a decrease physique mass index (BMI) than vegetarians and meat-eaters (Three, four, 5, 6).

For instance, one 6-month research in 50 adults with obese confirmed that these following a vegan weight loss program misplaced considerably extra weight than these on vegetarian and omnivore diets (7).

Studies attribute the load loss distinction to decrease complete and saturated fats intakes (7, eight).

Similarly, one 18-week research in 211 individuals decided that these on a low fats vegan weight loss program skilled a 6-pound (2.9-kg) weight discount, in contrast with no weight reduction within the management group (9).

Aside from the decrease fats consumption, this research additionally attributed the load loss to an elevated fiber consumption, which ends up in emotions of fullness.

Furthermore, proof means that decrease intakes of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), that are frequent amongst these following a vegan weight loss program, might promote weight reduction by lowering fats mass (10, 11, 12).


The Hallelujah weight loss program might assist weight reduction by growing the consumption of greens and plant-based protein sources, lowering fats consumption, and eliminating processed and refined meals.

Aside from its weight reduction impact, following a weight loss program wealthy in fruits and greens just like the Hallelujah weight loss program might supply extra well being advantages, similar to safety from kind 2 diabetes and coronary heart illness.

May decrease your danger of kind 2 diabetes

Studies present that plant-based diets just like the Hallelujah weight loss program might assist decrease danger components for kind 2 diabetes, similar to weight problems and insulin resistance (13).

Diets wealthy in greens result in increased intakes of fiber and low glycemic index (GI) meals — meals that don’t spike your blood sugar ranges — and decrease intakes of fat, all of that are related to a decrease prevalence of kind 2 diabetes (6).

Moreover, the decrease BMIs typically noticed amongst these following a vegan weight loss program is one other protecting issue in opposition to kind 2 diabetes, because it improves insulin sensitivity — or how your cells reply to insulin, the hormone wanted to manage blood sugar ranges (6, 14).

One 22-week research in 99 adults with kind 2 diabetes decided that 43% of these on a low fats vegan weight loss program have been capable of scale back their diabetes drugs, in contrast with 26% within the management group (15).

They additionally confirmed better weight reduction and decrease glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C) ranges, an indicator of blood sugar ranges over the past Three months.

Similarly, a evaluation that included 6 research discovered that vegetarian diets have been related to a considerably better discount in HbA1c ranges and decrease fasting blood sugar ranges, in contrast with non-vegetarian diets (16).

May decrease danger components for coronary heart illness

As a vegan weight loss program, the Hallelujah weight loss program might efficiently decrease danger components for coronary heart illness.

First, its excessive vegetable consumption considerably will increase fiber and antioxidant consumption, that are related to decrease blood triglycerides, complete and LDL (dangerous) levels of cholesterol, and physique weight (17, 18, 19).

Aside from the excessive fiber consumption, the weight loss program eliminates processed meals, that are excessive in sodium, and alcohol, two danger components for hypertension (20).

One 7-day research in 1,615 individuals discovered that even after such a brief interval, a vegan weight loss program might decrease the chance of coronary heart illness by 27% by lowering the beforehand talked about danger components (21).

However, analysis additionally means that vegan diets might decrease HDL (good) levels of cholesterol as properly — the kind of ldl cholesterol that forestalls plaque from increase in your arteries (22, 23).


The Hallelujah weight loss program is excessive in nutrient-rich meals that defend in opposition to frequent ailments, similar to kind 2 diabetes and coronary heart illness.

Although the Hallelujah weight loss program might decrease the chance of illness, it comes with some drawbacks.

May improve your danger of nutrient deficiency

Vegan diets are naturally low in vitamin B12. Although restricted plant meals like mushrooms do include very small quantities of this nutrient, the one dependable sources of vitamin B12 are animal-based meals or dietary supplements.

Vitamin B12 performs many crucial roles within the physique, and a deficiency is a danger issue for neurodegenerative ailments, that are those who trigger your mind and nerves to deteriorate (24).

Vegan diets are additionally typically low in calcium, which can result in low bone mineral density and improve your danger of fractures.

In reality, a current 2020 research that included information from over 54,000 individuals discovered that in contrast with meat-eaters, vegans have been at the next danger of complete, hip, leg, and vertebral fractures (25, 26, 27, 28).

Additionally, because the weight loss program limits cooked meals consumption to as soon as a day, it could result in a low protein consumption.

While well-planned vegan diets might present adequate quantities of protein from plant-based sources, they often depend on excessive intakes of legumes and cereals to take action. However, this isn’t the case within the Hallelujah weight loss program (28).

Relies closely on proprietary dietary supplements

Supplements are supposed to improve or add vitamins to your weight loss program. However, it’s usually finest to get your vitamins from meals and not depend on dietary supplements too closely.

In reality, a current research discovered that food-based vitamins have been related to a lowered danger of mortality, whereas extra vitamins from dietary supplements might pose well being hazards (29).

Also, although this system’s dietary supplements are licensed natural, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, it’s unclear whether or not dietary supplements are manufactured in a facility that complies with present Good Manufacture Practices (cGMPs) set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The program additionally fails to say whether or not the merchandise bear third-party high quality testing, which means that an exterior group verifies a product’s purity, efficiency, dosage, and efficiency.

Lastly, because the dietary supplements are wanted to deal with the beforehand talked about dietary gaps, following the weight loss program might turn out to be fairly dear.

For instance, whereas the Get Starter Kit is listed at $49.95 a month, the Rescue Plans might value as much as $494.95.

In any case, it’s at all times finest to speak to your well being care supplier earlier than consuming any complement.

Lacks scientific proof

The weight loss program makes some severe well being statements concerning cleanses and the reversal of illness.

However, there’s no scientific proof to assist that this weight loss program — nor its dietary supplements — might treatment most cancers or clear up well being points.

While diets that emphasize consuming extra greens are certain to enhance your total well being, there’s restricted proof that they enhance most cancers outcomes. Research solely means that they might defend by lowering most cancers danger (30, 31).

The similar goes for the corporate’s complement statements, which indicate that they might get rid of well being points, together with coronary heart circumstances, arthritis, diabetes, and allergic reactions.

As for the weight loss program’s intent to cleanse your physique of poisons, analysis on cleanses or detox diets is proscribed, and the few accessible research have flawed methodologies and small pattern sizes (32).

Also, your physique already has its personal detox system, which identifies and eliminates poisonous substances. Some main detoxing organs embrace the liver, kidneys, lungs, and pores and skin (33).

Highly restrictive

The Hallelujah weight loss program is very restrictive and leaves no room for flexibility, making it tough to maintain in the long run.

Research means that low calorie diets — no matter whether or not they’re intentional or not — might have an effect on each males and ladies in the long term.

In ladies, it could result in amenorrhea — or the lack of the menstrual cycle — and decreased bone mass. In males, it could scale back testosterone and have an effect on bone well being (34).

Lastly, by classifying some meals as “toxic,” the weight loss program might create an unhealthy relationship with meals by vilifying sure meals.


The Hallelujah weight loss program might result in nutrient deficiencies and depends on pricey dietary supplements to keep away from them. It’s additionally extremely restrictive and lacks scientific proof to assist it.

The Hallelujah weight loss program is a biblical plant-based weight loss program comprising primarily uncooked fruits and greens that claims to recharge the immune system to reverse illness.

Given that it’s a vegan weight loss program, it could assist weight reduction and decrease the chance of frequent ailments.

However, it could result in nutrient deficiencies that should be stuffed with proprietary complement kits, which can not fulfill fascinating high quality requirements and take a toll in your pockets.

If you wish to give plant-based diets a attempt, there are much less restrictive strategies to take action which are extra sustainable in the long term.

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