The impact of Australia’s dietary requirements on the restaurant industry

The Red Tea Detox

The waiter turns up at the desk to my proper. “Any dietary restrictions we should know about?” “Yes,” comes one reply. “No red meat, no seafood, no onion and no eggplant.”

“No problem,” says the waiter. “No dairy,” says one other, then provides, “until dessert, that is. Then you might be able to talk me into it.”

Illustration by Simon Letch.

Illustration by Simon Letch.Credit:

Restaurants are used to it by now; “dietaries” are a truth of life. They was once simply vegetarian and coeliac (no gluten), with the odd shellfish allergy, being pregnant, and particular meals disallowed by varied religions. All good and easy.

Now? Now it’s allergy symptoms to dairy or simply lactose, to tree nuts or simply peanuts. No kiwifruit. No chocolate. No strawberries. No oranges. Diners determine as pescatarians (a vegetarian who will eat fish), flexitarians (principally plant-based with some meats allowed), beegans (vegans with honey allowed), lacto-ovo vegetarians (no meat, however milk and eggs allowed) and pollotarians (vegetarians, with rooster allowed).

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