The 7 Healthiest Carb-Filled Foods to Eat, According to a Registered Dietitian

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As we head into the vacation season, my priorities are as follows: perfecting my pecan pie recipe, on-line reward buying, and consuming all of the carb-filled consolation meals I can get my sanitized fingers on. Sound acquainted? Good for you! Seriously—shopping for presents and baking desserts apart, vitamin specialists agree: carbs are usually not dangerous for you.

“Over the years, carbs have gotten a bad reputation, while low-carb diets, such as Keto and Atkins, have become increasingly popular for their fast weight loss claims,” says Frances-Largeman-Roth, RDN, creator of The Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook. “Carbs, however, are not only delicious, but they also provide some of the most beneficial nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy, and can even help you stave off weight gain.”

In truth, Largeman-Roth says that consuming extra ​resistant starch—a carbohydrate that resists digestion—will help you are feeling extra energized, much less careworn, and extra satiated, in addition to regular your blood sugar ranges. (And as a kind 1 diabetic, I can 100 % attest to that assertion). Here are the seven healthiest carb-filled, resistant starch-rich meals that we ought to be consuming each day, in accordance to Largeman-Roth.

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Bananas are your richest supply of resistant starch, with ripe ones providing four.7 grams and less-ripe (barely inexperienced) bananas containing a whopping 12.5 grams. They are additionally wealthy in appetite-suppressing fiber—three grams per one medium banana—and comprise the amino acid tryptophan, which is transformed into the calming mind chemical serotonin to calm down and enhance your temper.


In addition to fiber and resistant starch, potatoes are a pure supply of proteinase inhibitor, a pure chemical that reinforces satiety hormones and curbs urge for food. Potatoes are additionally extremely versatile, reasonably priced, satiating, and satisfying. FYI, potatoes which have been cooked after which cooled have greater charges of resistant starch. This can also be true for meals already excessive in resistant starch, in addition to meals like pasta and rice.

Beans and Legumes

Nearly half of the starch in beans comes from resistant starch. Beans and legumes, like lentils, are additionally an extremely wealthy supply of fiber and B nutritional vitamins, and a nice alternative for meat as a supply of protein. Beans and legumes may assist cut back blood sugar, enhance levels of cholesterol, and preserve a wholesome intestine.


Oats are excessive within the soluble fiber beta-glucan and will help cut back ldl cholesterol and blood sugar ranges, promote wholesome intestine micro organism, and improve emotions of fullness. Oatmeal additionally accommodates many highly effective antioxidants, together with avenanthramides, that may assist decrease blood stress, enhance blood movement, and cut back irritation.

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Quinoa is a fiber dense, famous person plant-based supply of protein: 1 cup of cooked quinoa has eight grams of protein, plus half the each day really helpful quantity of fiber consumption. It’s naturally gluten-free, and accommodates all 9 important amino acids that the physique can’t produce by itself. Oh, and it’s excessive in nutritional vitamins B-6 and C. If cooking quinoa feels intimidating for you, attempt utilizing a boil-in-bag product (like Success Rice Tri-Color Quinoa) to prepare dinner completely comfortable and fluffy quinoa each time.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a entire grain and digests extra slowly than white rice, so it has much less of a spiking impact on blood sugar. According to Largeman-Roth, consuming brown rice as an alternative of white rice might also lead to a larger discount in weight, physique mass index, and physique fats.


In addition to 1.9 grams of resistant starch per half cup, barley is wealthy in soluble and insoluble fiber, which reduces urge for food and retains you common. According to Largeman-Roth, making barley a common ingredient in your weight loss plan could cut back the chance of persistent ailments, corresponding to diabetes, coronary heart illness, and even sure sorts of most cancers.

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