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Most individuals with seizure and epilepsy problems take medicines to deal with the situation but when medicines don’t work, docs suggest different sorts of therapy like following a ketogenic diet. Generally, ketogenic diets are instructed to youngsters as much as the age of 12 years who’ve seizures which might be troublesome to manage. 

Mechanism of the diet

Glucose is the supply of our vitality to carry out numerous actions. Our physique can’t retailer giant quantities of glucose as we’ve solely a 24-hour provide. When a baby fasts for 24 hours, his or her glucose shops get
depleted. A baby who has to start out on a ketogenic diet normally fasts for a few day. When no extra glucose is offered to offer vitality, the youngster’s physique begins to burn saved fats. The keto diet retains this course of going and the diet will get most (90%) of its energy from fats. The relaxation comes from carbohydrates and proteins. But the quantity of meals and liquid have to be rigorously weighed for every particular person. It’s the dietitian’s sole accountability to calculate what number of energy the youngster wants for his/her development. Even a tiny mistake in weighing and measuring meals may break the diet. Meal plans mix small quantities of fruits or greens (carbs), meat, fish or hen (proteins) and lot of fats usually in the type of cream, eggs, butter, however no sugar.

The ketogenic diet does have side-effects like dehydration, kidney stones, constipation and gall stones which go away if detected at an early stage. Doctors additionally counsel multi-vitamin dietary supplements to satisfy all the necessities as a result of the ketogenic diet lacks a number of pivotal nutritional vitamins.

(The writer is a scientific nutritionist, Cloudnine, Bellandur)

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