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Tamim Iqbal and Mohammad Saifuddin

During the compelled sabbatical from cricket due to the coronavirus outbreak, many nationwide cricketers have been taking up special diets whereas following the board’s tips to preserve their health and never acquire further weight.

Bangladesh one-day worldwide skipper Tamim Iqbal was following a special food regimen referred to as ketogenic or keto in brief, a way which has gained recognition amongst individuals who need to drop a few pounds.

‘My diet now is kind of Keto I would say. There is a company named Lean Nation who sends my meals at home four times a day. The meal is less than 1,500 calories a day and I try to eat only that,’ Tamim advised New Age.

In his measured meal plan; there have been boiled eggs, grilled rooster, little pasta, small packets of biscuits, fruits like guava or apple and many others which stored Tamim lively however didn’t enable him to acquire further fats.

With outside actions restricted, Tamim was cautious about shedding off further energy that might set in whereas staying indoors.

‘I train for one hour every day. Normally when we go out, we burn a lot of calories. I’m doing one hour of train on the treadmill however in regular time we stroll rather a lot and burn numerous energy.

‘But that’s not occurring now as we’re sitting in a single place for a very long time due to this pandemic,’ stated the left-handed opener.

Bangladesh all-rounder Mohammad Saifuddin was not following as strict a food regimen as Tamim however was sustaining a nutritious diet whereas additionally chopping again at carbohydrate and fats.

‘Honestly speaking, during the month of Ramadan I actually did not maintain the diet and work-out plan properly as I was fasting. But after the Ramadan, I am working hard every day,’ stated the 23-year previous.

In his meal plan, Saifuddin was taking dwelling cooked meals with a number of vegatables and fruits.

‘I eat two handmade ruti, egg and vegetables in the breakfast. As a mid-day meal before lunch, I eat fruits so I don’t crave for extra rice which I used to have.

‘I also eat fruits as evening snack, avoid sweet and deep fried foods. At dinner, again I eat ruti. I always try to eat less portion of rice, more of vegetables and protein,’ Saifuddin stated.

Bangladesh Cricket Board’s chief doctor Debashis Chowdhury anticipated the nationally contracted gamers to preserve a correct food regimen and stated that the board would quickly instruct the gamers to take calcium and vitamin-D dietary supplements.

‘I imagine nationwide cricketers are sustaining their meal plan correctly. They all attended lessons, workshops earlier about meals, lots of them are properly skilled. BCB at the start of this disaster gave them some tips relating to meals to increase immunity. Hopefully they’re following it.

‘Sunlight is the biggest source of vitamin-D. As the cricketers are not going out, they might grow deficiency of vitamin-D. Therefore, they will be instructed to take calcium and vitamin-D supplements.’

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