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Singer and performer Madhav Mahajan made a few adjustments to his diet and train plan these days, which incorporates gymming. We hear the singer has additionally taken up the Keto diet. Having spent a lot of time in his hometown in Chandigarh, he has been indulging in a lot of home-cooked meals, however he now hopes to shed any additional weight he gained over the time. Madhav additionally desires to look lean and match for an upcoming single.

Speaking about his resolution to take up a Keto diet, he says, “It was my trainer who suggested that I take up a Keto diet. I read up on it as well. It was not too easy initially, as this diet omits the carbs from your food plan. So, to make sure I got the keto plan right, I also got a dietitian on board to help. I’ve been at it for quite some time now. It has definitely made me feel lighter and has boosted the metabolism of my body. My advice is, if you are trying to do this, always talk to an expert first. I was happy to tone down so it has been absolutely rewarding and I can’t wait for my single to be out soon.”

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