Keto and Menopause: What to Know

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Menopause is a organic course of marked by the cessation of menses and a pure decline in reproductive hormones in girls. It may be accompanied by signs like scorching flashes, sleep issues, and temper modifications (1).

Modifying your weight-reduction plan beneath the steerage of a healthcare skilled is an easy technique that will assist steadiness your hormone ranges and alleviate sure signs of menopause.

In specific, the ketogenic weight-reduction plan is a excessive fats, very low carb weight-reduction plan that’s typically really helpful to present aid from menopause signs.

However, it could even be related to a number of uncomfortable side effects and not an excellent match for everybody.

This article critiques how the ketogenic weight-reduction plan could have an effect on girls with menopause.

The ketogenic weight-reduction plan could also be related to a number of advantages, particularly for menopause.

Improves insulin sensitivity

Menopause could cause a number of modifications in hormone ranges.

In addition to altering ranges of intercourse hormones like estrogen and progesterone, menopause can lower insulin sensitivity, which may impair your physique’s skill to use insulin successfully (2).

Insulin is a hormone that’s liable for transporting sugar out of your bloodstream to your cells, the place it may be used as gas (three).

Some analysis means that the ketogenic weight-reduction plan could enhance insulin sensitivity to promote higher blood sugar management (four).

One research discovered that following a ketogenic weight-reduction plan for 12 weeks improved insulin ranges and insulin sensitivity in girls with endometrial or ovarian most cancers (5, 6, 7).

However, it’s unclear whether or not the weight-reduction plan may supply related well being advantages for menopausal girls with out a lot of these most cancers.

Another overview reported that decreasing carb consumption could lower insulin ranges and enhance hormonal imbalances, which might be particularly useful for menopause (eight).

Not solely that, however research additionally counsel that insulin resistance could also be linked to the next threat of scorching flashes, that are a typical aspect impact of menopause (9, 10).

May forestall weight acquire

Weight acquire is a symptom of menopause that’s typically attributed to alterations in hormone ranges and a slower metabolism.

In addition to experiencing a lower in calorie wants throughout menopause, some girls could endure top loss, which may contribute to a rise in physique mass index (BMI) (11).

Although analysis on the ketogenic weight-reduction plan particularly is restricted, some research have discovered that lowering carb consumption could assist forestall weight acquire related to menopause.

For instance, one research in over 88,000 girls discovered that following a low carb weight-reduction plan was linked to a decreased threat of postmenopausal weight acquire.

Conversely, following a low fats weight-reduction plan was tied to an elevated threat of weight acquire amongst members (12).

However, it’s essential to be aware that the low carb weight-reduction plan on this research was not as restrictive because the ketogenic weight-reduction plan by way of limiting carb consumption.

Could assist fight cravings

Many girls expertise elevated starvation and cravings through the transition into menopause (13).

Several research have discovered that the ketogenic weight-reduction plan could lower starvation and urge for food, which might be particularly useful throughout menopause (14).

According to one research in 95 folks, following the ketogenic weight-reduction plan for 9 weeks elevated ranges of glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), which is a hormone that regulates urge for food, in girls (15).

Similarly, one other small research famous low calorie ketogenic weight-reduction plan decreased urge for food and ranges of ghrelin, the starvation hormone (16).

However, extra research are wanted to consider how the ketogenic weight-reduction plan could have an effect on cravings and urge for food in menopausal girls particularly.


Some analysis means that the ketogenic weight-reduction plan could enhance insulin sensitivity, forestall weight acquire, and lower urge for food and cravings.

While the ketogenic weight-reduction plan could supply a number of advantages for girls going by way of menopause, there are some uncomfortable side effects to take into account.

First, analysis means that the ketogenic weight-reduction plan could enhance ranges of cortisol, which is a stress hormone (17).

High ranges of cortisol could cause uncomfortable side effects like weak spot, weight acquire, hypertension, and bone loss (18).

Increased ranges of cortisol can even enhance ranges of estrogen, a intercourse hormone that slowly begins to decline throughout menopause (19, 20).

This could cause a situation referred to as estrogen dominance, that means that your physique has an excessive amount of estrogen and not sufficient progesterone (one other intercourse hormone) to assist steadiness it out (21).

Although extra analysis is required in people, one research in mice discovered that administering a excessive fats weight-reduction plan elevated estrogen ranges and weight acquire, in contrast with a management group (22).

Excess ranges of estrogen can lower the manufacturing of thyroid hormones, which can trigger uncomfortable side effects like low power ranges, constipation, and weight acquire (23, 24).

This could also be one purpose why many ladies have issue sustaining weight reduction in the long run on the ketogenic weight-reduction plan.

The ketogenic weight-reduction plan can even trigger the keto flu, which is a time period used to describe the set of signs that happen as your physique transitions into ketosis, a metabolic state by which your physique begins burning fats for gas as a substitute of sugar.

Furthermore, the keto flu may worsen sure signs of menopause, together with fatigue, hair loss, sleep issues, and temper modifications (25, 26).

Still, keto flu signs sometimes resolve inside just a few days to just a few weeks and may be minimized by staying hydrated and getting loads of electrolytes (25).

Keep in thoughts that the ketogenic weight-reduction plan is meant to be a short-term weight-reduction plan plan and shouldn’t be adopted for prolonged intervals.

Additionally, though the weight-reduction plan could end in non permanent weight reduction, many individuals typically regain some weight again as soon as they resume a traditional weight-reduction plan (27).

Be positive to seek the advice of a healthcare skilled earlier than making any modifications to your weight-reduction plan to forestall any hostile results in your well being and be sure that you’re assembly your dietary wants.


The ketogenic weight-reduction plan could enhance ranges of cortisol and estrogen, which may alter thyroid perform and contribute to weight acquire. The keto flu can also briefly worsen sure signs of menopause, together with fatigue, hair loss, and temper modifications.

The ketogenic weight-reduction plan could supply advantages for girls going by way of menopause, together with elevated insulin sensitivity, decreased weight acquire, and lowered cravings.

However, it might probably additionally alter hormone ranges, which may have an effect on thyroid perform and trigger a number of hostile results. What’s extra, the keto flu could briefly worsen signs of menopause throughout your physique’s transition into ketosis.

Though the ketogenic weight-reduction plan may go for some girls going by way of menopause, remember that it’s not a one-size-fits-all resolution for everybody.

Be positive to converse together with your healthcare supplier, set practical expectations, hear to your physique, and experiment to discover what works for you.

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