‘It’s not fun being a fat woman’: Why am I always hungry, reader asks

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In her weekly column, Nutritionist Nonie De Long explains the explanations for starvation pangs and ‘hangry’ episodes — and gives a answer to attempt

Dear Nutritionist, Thank you upfront when you select my query to your column. I actually get pleasure from studying what you write and the movies you hyperlink to generally. I like that you simply don’t discuss all the way down to readers. Anyway, I have my very own query about overeating. I have had this downside so long as I can bear in mind. It clearly impacts my weight. And as a lot as folks speak about physique constructive this and that, it’s not fun being a fat lady. Everytime I go to the physician I get “if you’d lose a little weight.” I know I must, don’t get me mistaken, I simply don’t know how one can! I don’t do properly on diets as a result of I’m always hungry. Like I imply ALWAYS. I will end a meal, then most likely an hour or hour-and-a half later be hungry. I’m questioning if you already know why this occurs or what I can do to cease it. It causes me a lot of disgrace and I am uninterested in feeling this manner. I wish to have self management. Thank you when you might help me. — Tina

Dear Tina,

It takes braveness to permit ourselves to be susceptible publicly, so thanks for writing in with such a candid query. I admire your braveness and you’ve got touched on one thing different folks could also be fighting. I’m pleased to inform you I can clarify the signs you’re experiencing and offer you a place to begin to deal with them. They are certainly a symptom of an underlying dysfunction and it’s not since you are weak willed, so you possibly can lay the disgrace down. It’s really a matter of metabolism. 

You will observe that the obese patrons will probably be filling their plates with carbs. Noodles, fries, breaded meals, desserts, and so forth, usually with a soda on the aspect. The thinner folks will probably be filling their plate with meat and presumably some veggies or a small dessert on the finish. With water or tea/ espresso on the aspect. You will see they each fill their plates. Who doesn’t fill their plates in any respect you possibly can eat?! But the man consuming three plates of crab legs seems spry whereas the man consuming three plates of pastries is 3x a wholesome dimension. Of course, there are exceptions: when younger individuals are very lively or if a individual is an athlete they will overeat carbs and keep lean whereas they’re younger. But it catches up over time, as their set level slowly will increase or their liver fails to maintain up. We’ll get to that later. For now I simply need you to watch. This is after we study essentially the most!

This concept holds true for a similar purpose you’re hungry on a regular basis: due to the way in which our metabolism works. So I’m going to geek out on it a bit. 

Metabolism 101

Our our bodies maintain themselves through vitality created by the breakdown of meals. Basically, we are able to use meals for vitality now or retailer it for later. We can create vitality from three sources:

  • Glucose (starches, sugars) 
  • Amino acids (proteins) 
  • Fatty acids (fat) 

When our our bodies rely totally on starches and sugars for vitality, we are able to get vitality from the meals in a short time, so we frequently really feel “up” fairly quickly after. But then the hormone insulin is secreted to get the additional sugar out of the bloodstream and into the storage websites (muscle, liver, and fat cells) and when that occurs we expertise a drop in vitality. This is hardly noticeable at first after we’re younger. 

But, after we eat an excessive amount of sugar or starch directly or we eat them too usually, our insulin response modifications. The cells get sick of insulin hijacking all mobile exercise so that they begin to develop into proof against letting it in. At this level our our bodies excrete an increasing number of insulin to get the sugar saved the place it ought to be. When a lot insulin is excreted, the blood sugar usually drops too low, and vitality, temper, consideration, and power are all affected.

At this level we usually really feel starvation or excessive fatigue or hangry (hungry offended) or very robust cravings for an additional hit of starches or sugars to elevate our vitality again up once more. 

The downside is that this may shortly develop into a vicious cycle, particularly with dietary suggestions to eat 5 or six small meals a day composed of 50 to 60 per cent carbohydrates. With such suggestions we’re nearly actually going to develop into insulin resistant over time. It’s a recipe for catastrophe. 

It will get worse. Since insulin is a hormone it impacts and indicators different hormones, as a result of hormones work in cascades. One triggers one other triggers one other triggers one other type of factor. Think dominoes. So when insulin is chronically excessive and the fat cells get full, the hormone leptin will get triggered a lot. This is the hormone that tells our brains that it’s time to shed some further weight — the storage tank is getting too full.

Normally that will lower our urge for food and rev up our metabolism to assist us shed the surplus fat. It’s a built-in safeguard. However, leptin can ship the sign all it needs; if insulin is excessive the physique can’t burn the saved fat. Insulin merely shuts down the method. This is absolute proof we’re not meant to eat starches and sugars usually as a result of these meals create common insulin spikes, which hijack our our bodies’ metabolic damaging suggestions mechanisms. So the physique sends extra leptin. If insulin continues to be excessive the cycle repeats. Over time with this cycle the physique turns into proof against leptin, as properly. 

At that time, a individual goes to really feel hungry a lot, with nearly insatiable cravings, as a result of though she is consuming and consuming not one of the meals she’s consuming is being transformed into vitality. It’s instantly shoved into her fat cells. She feels she is ravenous irrespective of how a lot she eats. She merely has no vitality or satiety.

Sound acquainted?

The key to reversing that is actually not that sophisticated. It requires a ketogenic weight-reduction plan for lengthy sufficient to get all the way down to your required weight and keep there for properly over a yr. Why keto? Well, as a result of carbs (starches and sugars) are what spike insulin and to reset this hormonal cascade, insulin must be faraway from the image. That’s the idea of a keto weight-reduction plan.

Why for a yr at your excellent weight? Well a yr is lengthy sufficient for the physique to begin to settle for that as your set weight. The purpose isn’t to drop extra pounds. It’s to reset your set weight.

You see, our our bodies have a weight vary that they think about “normal” and so they attempt to maintain us inside that vary by adjusting our metabolic hormones accordingly. Our set weight is biologically wired to be neither too lean nor too plump — we must always have sufficient physique fat to have the ability to survive when meals is lean however not an excessive amount of to run from wild animals and be lively as wanted for the survival of the tribe. 

But our set weight can creep up over time as our consuming habits change. When we’re wholesome and lean as youth, it’s a lot more durable to achieve weight than when we have now carried extra weight for years. This is as a result of after we preserve a weight for years that turns into our new set weight and our our bodies regulation techniques battle to maintain us there. The reply to reset this? Lower insulin lengthy sufficient to get all the way down to your optimum weight after which keep there lengthy sufficient to make that your new regular. We must reset our set weight.

But What About Hunger?

What most individuals don’t understand about starvation is that it’s signalled by a hormone that spikes and drops inside 20 minutes. They usually occur when our our bodies have grown to anticipate meals. So if we eat at 5 p.m., the starvation would possibly begin at four or four:30. But after we alter our schedule for a whereas, our our bodies specific starvation based on that new schedule. It often solely takes half a week to a week. So when you cease consuming three meals and day and solely eat two and even one, the physique adapts and solely expresses starvation round these consuming instances. 

And Cravings?

Cravings are indicators that our our bodies have low vitality or are drained or want vitamins they aren’t getting. Craving chocolate? You possible are low in magnesium. Crave chips? Your thyroid could also be a bit low. Craving sugar? You aren’t consuming sufficient vitamin Bs for vitality, so your physique needs to bypass that to get a quick hit of vitality. Craving espresso? You’re both not sleeping deeply sufficient or once more missing Bs. 

In essence, cravings are the way in which our our bodies communicate to us. Just like signs. If we hear, we are able to often work out what they’re about. Sometimes they’re even emotional in nature. We can crave a meals as a result of it’s related to celebration — like cake. We solely must develop into extra conscious to know this. Then refill with wholesome meals when the craving hits and wait 20 minutes. If they only gained’t go away, it’s time to get examined for imbalances and deficiencies. And for meals intolerances. We usually crave the meals we’re most reactive to. 

So What’s The Fix to Hungry All the Time?

The reply is to include fasting into our weight-reduction plan to permit our insulin to quiet down lengthy sufficient to begin to burn a few of our physique fat and permit the satiety hormone to be regulated once more. This is most simply achieved by consuming two meals a day, inside an eight to four-hour window. People who’re extraordinarily obese may even attempt an OMAD weight-reduction plan, which is one meal a day, if supervised by a skilled to make sure they’re assembly their dietary wants. For extra on fasting I suggest readers search for the phrase of Dr. Jason Fung. 

As always, if readers have their very own query they’re welcome to contact me at nonienutriitonista@gmail.com. And when you require extra 1:1 teaching you could find me on-line at hopenotdope.ca. 


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