Here’s What a Headache Between Your Eyes Means

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Shot of a young woman suffering from stress while using a computer at her work desk

Adjusting to life in 2020 has been nerve-racking. Beyond our nation’s present well being and social justice crises, my display screen time has skyrocketed as a consequence of working from house, and lack of health club entry has me exercising much less. The outcome? An uptick in complications between my eyes.

I do know I am not alone in how I am feeling, although. Dr. Charisse Litchman, MD, the medical director of neurology at Nurx, an internet session and residential supply firm for migraine victims, says that she’s observed an estimated 20 p.c improve in sufferers coping with complications this 12 months.

“There is no question that the current situation has created the perfect storm of triggers to cause more frequent and more severe headaches. One important trigger is stress,” she provides.

That’s why my focus is on pressure complications, which Dr. Litchman says are sometimes skilled as a strain or gripping on the entrance of the pinnacle or temples — they’re generally related to stress and eye pressure, too.

You might relate to the ache I really feel between my eyes, however know that my tension-headache analysis is restricted to me. Make certain to speak to your physician earlier than diagnosing or treating your self — however be at liberty to make use of these headache-relieving suggestions to assist navigate that dialog.

“Getting control of headaches usually requires a multifaceted approach,” Dr. Litchman says. “Beyond prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle moves can help prevent or treat headache pain, or at least make them better until pain medications kick in.”

She suggests exploring extra pure approaches to ache aid, like acupuncture, which has been lengthy acknowledged to cut back headache frequency and severity. “Though the benefit is temporary, [acupuncture] is safe, well-tolerated, and is an add-on option to medical treatment for headaches.”

Acupressure is an alternative choice for many who aren’t snug seeing an acupuncturist proper now. Dr. Litchman says that making use of strain to your hand on the Hegu strain level (situated between the bottom of your thumb and index finger!) can supply short-term aid.

“Press down on this point for five minutes and move your thumb in a circle while applying pressure (firm but not so hard that it hurts!). Repeat on the other hand next. You can repeat as often as needed to alleviate your pain,” she explains.

Placing a sizzling compress in your head or neck, making use of peppermint important oils to your temples, resting in a darkish, quiet room, and aggressively hydrating with water can assist with the ache, too, Dr. Litchman provides.

Although there isn’t any scientific proof that blue-light blocking glasses and display screen apps are efficient, Dr. Litchman says they could possibly be price a strive in case you’re in your telephone or pc for lengthy hours every day.

Preventative care is simply as vital as remedy, too — particularly in case your complications are frequent. Taking time for your self and listening to your feelings is essential. Dr. Litchman suggests stress-free in a bubble tub, safely socially interacting with buddies extra (even when meaning over Zoom!), or in search of skilled assist from a psychological well being useful resource, if wanted.

Feel snug asking your medical specialist about day by day nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements that may assist forestall complications, too. Dr. Litchman recommends magnesium, B2, Coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, feverfew, and butterbur.

In this second, although, take a deep breath and reward your self for stepping within the route of aid. Maybe even run a sizzling bathe and activate a meditation YouTube video — simply do not forget to offer your physician a name.

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