Halle Berry Reveals The Three Foods She Avoids To Stay Healthy

The Red Tea Detox

By Corey Atad.

At 50, Halle Berry lives the healthiest life-style she will be able to.

In a brand new essay for Women’s Health, the actress reveals the three meals she has averted for years after being recognized with diabetes at age 22, explaining that she was a “complete sugar addict” earlier than.

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“After my diagnosis, though, it was like a switch flipped,” she admits. “My health was on the line, so I went cold turkey on my sugar-filled ways. Out the window went the candy, the desserts, and even super-sweet fruit.”

Berry says she additionally stays away from white carbs.

“After giving sugar the boot, I quickly learned that the body breaks down refined carbs straight into sugar, so I swore off those in order to better manage my diabetes, too. I ditched rice (yes, even brown rice), pasta, and bread—and never looked back,” she explains, including that she has since adopted a “keto lifestyle.”

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Finally, Berry additionally says she had reduce ‘standard wine” out of her food plan.

“For me, the ultimate piece of the puzzle was wine. I’ve at all times liked wine, however as I upgraded the remainder of my life-style to handle my diabetes and really feel as wholesome as potential, I questioned if there was a greater solution to take pleasure in my wine,” she says, including that she ultimately found keto-friendly wine, which doesn’t have as a lot alcohol or any added sugars.

The actress says, “While conventional wines often got me buzzed fast and left me with a headache, these did not. Yet again, I wouldn’t go back to the old stuff for a second.”

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