Food Network’s Valerie Bertinelli Swears By This Breakfast, and You Will Too!

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Now getting ready to show 60 Bertinelli is fortunately studying new methods to take care of her weight points, an ongoing wrestle that she faces by making higher meals decisions. Showbiz Cheatsheet studies that there is one commonplace she makes use of that retains her feeling full for hours; Bulletproof Coffee.

It’s a beverage made from espresso with grass-fed butter or ghee and coconut oil all whipped collectively in a blender. Many followers of the keto weight-reduction plan discover it to be a filling breakfast choice that holds them over to lunchtime.

Bertinelli even shared her personal private recipe for the morning beverage.

“I definitely enjoy my Bulletproof coffee in the morning!,” she stated. “I brought all of my Bulletproof ingredients [to New York City] with me: The fresh coffee, the ghee—I buy vanilla ghee online—the brain octane fuel, and the collagen protein.”

Sounds like Bertinelli has discovered a “bulletproof” approach of reaching her weight reduction objectives with out compromising taste.

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