Fate: The Winx Saga: What Is a Changeling?

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FATE: THE WINX SAGA, Abigail Cowen, 'To The Waters and The Wild', (Season 1, ep. 106, aired Jan. 22, 2021). photo: Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

If you are watching Netflix’s newest mystical drama collection Fate: The Winx Saga and are completely obsessive about Bloom’s coming-of-age story, you are not alone. We nonetheless cannot recover from how she grows into her fairy magic, defends Alfea from the Burned Ones along with her mates, and even has time to strike up a doable romance with resident specialist and heartthrob Sky — it is protected to say we’re already counting the times for season two. Apart from defending her college from monsters and determining methods to use her hearth magic, Bloom has a complete different set of issues to cope with: she shortly figures out she’s really a changeling. If you are feeling a bit confused about this complete changeling enterprise, to not fear — you are not alone. This concept is launched from the start of the collection, and it is even a bit jarring for Bloom, too. So what’s a changeling, and what does it imply for Bloom’s character?

Officially, a changeling is a fairy youngster that replaces a human one, and the concept is present in every kind of folklore all through Europe. Changelings are believed to be switched with out the newborn or human dad and mom realizing, and the fairies secretly preserve the human youngster. Since Bloom is a changeling, discovering out early on within the collection from her buddy Aisha, meaning she is definitely a born fairy, and never her dad and mom’ daughter in any case. That additionally means her dad and mom’ actual daughter is wandering round someplace, despite the fact that there appears to be a surefire connection between the changelings and the Burned Ones — we’re betting season two continues that exploration.

Once Bloom finds out she’s a changeling, she spends the higher a part of the present looking for out extra about her origins, and confronting individuals like Headmistress Dowling to get extra data. By the top, we all know Bloom was born within the Otherworld and that ex-headmistress Rosalind switched her to dwell on Earth to guard her from the Burned Ones, however we’re nonetheless left with a number of doubts about her true start. It’s protected to say we’re trying to season two for all of the solutions, however at the very least we are able to now perceive why Bloom’s powers are so robust, and probably even why her relationship along with her dad and mom is so fraught.

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