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BROWNSVILLE — When you enter “Amor y Pan” you may’t think about that the whole lot there’s a wholesome choice, with the scent of the baking bread, the colourful decorations on high of the cupcakes and even the tortillas de harina, you would possibly assume you’ve discovered your new house away from house.

Karina Saldivar determined to depart house and examine on the French Pastry School in Chicago again in 2003, however it was not till this yr when she opened her life-style bakery “Amor y Pan” after a number of years of baking wholesome choices for household and associates who wanted it.

Amor y Pan was born after Karina’s brother was recognized with lupus. She mentioned after visiting a number of medical doctors and doing lots of analysis, all of it got here down to at least one factor: wholesome consuming.

“When I came back I did not really see a market at that point, so, I kind of just put it in the back burner, and when my brother was diagnosed with that, I started to put my knowledge to the test and I started baking for him; all that I knew but a healthy version: no sugar, no grains, no flour, no glutten,” she mentioned carrying a black masks that matched her chef coat, her brown-lengthy hair resting on her shoulders.

“I had to make something good because we are so used to that food that if it’s what we call ‘diet food’ it tastes bad and I wanted to put my knowledge and make it work and make it taste like it is not diet food. From there, it kind of snowballed and here we are.”

Karina describes her business as a life-style market and bakery, wherein primary focus isn’t any sugar,  low-carb and glutten-free. After these three guidelines, there are a number of different choices for various existence comparable to vegan, keto, paleo and in some instances, some desserts match into all of the three existence.

Southern Belle cookies, snicker doodle, turtle cheesecake, a strawberry cupcake, and the dulce de leche chocolate cupcake are displayed Thursday at Amor y Pan. The bakery supplies baked items which can be zero sugar, low-carb and gluten-free with extra choices for these with paleo, vegan or keto existence.(Denise Cathey/The Brownsville Herald)

“I was making desserts for family and friends and I just saw a necessity here in Brownsville because everybody would call me and everybody had an aunt, or a mom, an uncle, with heart disease, diabetes, I have early diabetes and that’s when I realized we needed something like this,” she mentioned.

“This is very important because you are giving the people an option, when you don’t have these options at your fingertips you tend to eat bad and a lot of people might be able to do this at home, but sometimes they don’t have the time and there are certain ingredients that we can’t get here in Brownsville and we have to get from out of state.”

Among the issues that the shop presents one can discover cupcakes, brownies, cupcakes, the signature of the shop that are their cheesecakes and the grain-free tortillas de harina.

“Our tortillas which are the rockstar of the place, those are actually a grain-free option of what we would call a flour tortilla but they are almond flour with avocado oil and sea salt, and they taste and feel like a flour tortilla,” she mentioned. “They are definitely the healthier option to what we are used to eating.”

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