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The Volumetrics Diet is an consuming plan designed to advertise weight reduction by having you replenish on low calorie, nutrient-dense meals.

It’s meant to cut back emotions of starvation by prioritizing meals with a excessive water content material and low calorie density. It additionally encourages different wholesome habits, resembling common train and retaining a meals journal.

Still, you could wonder if it’s a superb match for you.

This article offers a complete evaluate of the Volumetrics Diet, together with its effectiveness for weight reduction.

weight loss plan evaluate scorecard

  • Overall rating:
  • Weight loss: 2.5
  • Healthy consuming: Three.5
  • Sustainability: Three.5
  • Whole physique well being: Three.5
  • Nutrition high quality:
  • Evidence-based:

BOTTOM LINE: The Volumetrics Diet emphasizes meals with a low calorie density, which may improve weight reduction and enhance total weight loss plan high quality. However, it restricts some wholesome meals teams and is time-intensive.

What is the Volumetrics Diet?

The Volumetrics Diet claims that can assist you really feel full whereas consuming fewer energy.

It’s based mostly on a e book by vitamin scientist Dr. Barbara Rolls, which offers in-depth pointers, recipes, and data on how one can calculate the calorie density of your favourite meals.

The weight loss plan encourages you to eat nutrient-dense meals which can be low in energy and excessive in water, resembling fruits, greens, and soups. Meanwhile, it limits calorie-dense meals like cookies, candies, nuts, seeds, and oils.

Dr. Rolls asserts that these restrictions aid you really feel fuller for longer, reduce your calorie consumption, and promote weight reduction.

Unlike different diets, the Volumetrics Diet is meant to foster wholesome consuming habits and must be seen as a long-term life-style change reasonably than a short-term answer.


The Volumetrics Diet prioritizes low calorie, nutrient-dense meals with a excessive water content material, which is assumed to assist maintain you feeling full to encourage weight reduction.

How it really works

The Volumetrics Diet teams meals into 4 classes based mostly on their calorie density:

  • Category 1 (very low calorie density): calorie density of lower than zero.6
  • Category 2 (low calorie density): calorie density of zero.6–1.5
  • Category Three (medium calorie density): calorie density of 1.6–Three.9
  • Category four (excessive calorie density): calorie density of–

Dr. Rolls’s e book offers detailed info on how one can calculate calorie density. In basic, it is best to divide the variety of energy in a selected serving dimension by its weight in grams. You’ll find yourself with a determine between zero and 9.

Foods with a excessive water content material, resembling broccoli, sometimes rating very low in calorie density, whereas desserts and processed meals like darkish chocolate normally rank excessive.

A typical meal on the Volumetrics Diet ought to principally comprise meals from Category 1, in addition to embrace meals from Category 2 to assist spherical out your plate. You can eat small quantities of meals from Category Three and really restricted parts from Category four.

The weight loss plan’s commonplace meal plan offers round 1,400 energy per day however might be adjusted to suit your calorie objectives by including further snacks or rising portion sizes.

No meals are fully off-limits on the Volumetrics Diet. In reality, you’ll be able to embrace meals with a excessive calorie density by modifying your portion sizes and adjusting your different meals.

Furthermore, the weight loss plan encourages a minimum of 30–60 minutes of train every day.

You ought to maintain observe of your bodily exercise and meals consumption in a journal to observe your progress and determine areas that will want enchancment.


The Volumetrics Diet categorizes meals based mostly on their calorie density, prioritizing those who rating very low. It additionally encourages you to get common train, in addition to log your meals consumption and bodily exercise.

Does it work for weight reduction?

Although few research have examined the Volumetrics Diet particularly, analysis means that its central tenets help weight reduction.

Promotes low calorie consumption

Selecting meals with a low calorie density is especially efficient. Because these meals have a considerable quantity however are low in energy, you’ll be able to eat massive servings with out considerably rising your calorie consumption (1).

Notably, a evaluate of 13 research in Three,628 folks tied meals with a decrease calorie density to elevated weight reduction. Similarly, an Eight-year examine in over 50,000 girls related high-calorie-density meals with elevated weight acquire (2, Three).

Choosing meals with a low calorie density may additionally assist curb cravings and cut back urge for food, which might increase weight reduction.

A 12-week examine in 96 girls with extra weight and weight problems discovered that meals with a decrease calorie density led to decreased cravings, elevated emotions of fullness, and lowered starvation (four).

In an older examine in 39 girls, individuals ate 56% extra energy when served a big portion of a high-calorie-density meal, in contrast with a smaller, low-calorie-density meal (5).

Encourages common train

Exercise is one other vital part of the Volumetrics Diet.

The weight loss plan recommends getting a minimum of 30–60 minutes of bodily exercise per day, which can improve weight reduction and fats loss by elevating your vitality expenditure, or the variety of energy burned in the course of the day (6, 7).


The Volumetrics Diet encourages common train and emphasizes meals with a low calorie density, that are efficient methods to extend weight reduction and cut back starvation and cravings.

Other well being advantages

The Volumetrics Diet could provide a number of different well being advantages.

May increase weight loss plan high quality

By encouraging wholesome meals which can be low in energy however excessive in fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals, the Volumetrics Diet could assist improve your consumption of key vitamins and defend towards dietary deficiencies.

What’s extra, some analysis hyperlinks diets with a low calorie density to improved weight loss plan high quality (Eight).

Limits processed meals

Although the Volumetrics Diet doesn’t fully ban any meals, most processed meals have a excessive calorie density and must be restricted as a part of the plan.

Processed meals should not solely sometimes missing in important vitamins like fiber, protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals but additionally normally greater in energy, fats, sugar, and sodium.

Furthermore, research tie common consumption of processed meals to the next threat of most cancers, coronary heart illness, and untimely demise (9, 10, 11).

Flexible and sustainable

Unlike most fad diets, the Volumetrics Diet must be seen as a long-term life-style change.

It pushes you to develop into extra conscious of your consuming habits and meals selections, which can assist you make more healthy dietary selections by prioritizing meals with a decrease calorie density, resembling vegatables and fruits.

Additionally, as a result of no meals are banned on the weight loss plan, you’ll be able to take pleasure in your favourite dishes by making modifications and changes to your weight loss plan.

This could make the Volumetrics Diet a superb match for folks looking for some flexibility and a sustainable consuming plan to comply with long run.


The Volumetrics Diet limits processed meals and should enhance weight loss plan high quality. It’s additionally versatile and designed to be maintained long run.

Potential downsides

The Volumetrics Diet has a couple of drawbacks to pay attention to.

Time-intensive with few on-line sources

The weight loss plan requires vital time and vitality investments, which can make it untenable for some folks.

In addition to discovering recipes, planning meals, and calculating calorie density, you’re supposed to arrange most of your meals and snacks at residence. This could make the weight loss plan too restrictive for these with a busy life-style, cramped kitchen, or restricted entry to contemporary produce.

Although some assist teams and recipes can be found, on-line apps and sources for the weight loss plan are considerably restricted.

In reality, you could must buy the e book by Dr. Rolls to calculate your meals’ calorie density and observe your meals consumption successfully.

Limits wholesome fat

The weight loss plan additionally restricts sure meals wealthy in wholesome fat, together with nuts, seeds, and oils.

These meals present monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, which can cut back irritation and safeguard towards continual circumstances like coronary heart illness (12, 13, 14).

Moreover, many nutritious consuming patterns just like the Mediterranean weight loss plan encourage you to eat these meals.

Places an excessive amount of emphasis on energy

Given that the Volumetrics Diet is predicated on calorie density, excessive calorie meals are restricted.

This implies that nutritious, excessive calorie meals like avocados, nut butter, and entire eggs are restricted, whereas processed, low calorie meals like fat-free salad dressing and weight loss plan ice cream are allowed as a consequence of their low calorie density.

Low calorie meals are sometimes filled with added sugar and different unhealthy elements to boost their style. Just as a result of one thing is low in energy doesn’t imply it’s wholesome.


The Volumetrics Diet is time-intensive, and on-line sources are considerably restricted. It additionally restricts meals excessive in wholesome fat, together with nuts, seeds, and oils.

Foods to eat and keep away from

Rather than banning any meals totally, the Volumetrics Diet divides them into 4 classes based mostly on their calorie density.

Category 1

Foods in Category 1 have a really low calorie density and may comprise nearly all of your weight loss plan. They embrace:

  • Fruits: apples, oranges, pears, peaches, bananas, berries, and grapefruit
  • Non-starchy greens: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, and kale
  • Soups: broth-based soups like vegetable soup, rooster soup, minestrone, and lentil soup
  • Nonfat dairy: skim milk and nonfat yogurt
  • Beverages: water, black espresso, and unsweetened tea

Category 2

Foods within the second class have a low vitality density and might be loved carefully. They embrace:

  • Whole grains: quinoa, couscous, farro, buckwheat, barley, and brown rice
  • Legumes: chickpeas, lentils, black beans, and kidney beans
  • Starchy greens: potatoes, corn, peas, squash, and parsnips
  • Lean proteins: skinless poultry, white fish, and lean cuts of beef or pork

Category Three

Foods within the third class are thought of medium calorie density. While they’re permitted, it’s vital to control serving sizes. These meals embrace:

  • Meat: fatty fish, poultry with the pores and skin, and excessive fats cuts of pork and beef
  • Refined carbs: white bread, white rice, crackers, and white pasta
  • Full fats dairy: entire milk, full fats yogurt, ice cream, and cheese

Category four

Foods within the closing class are labeled as excessive vitality density. These meals comprise a lot of energy per serving and must be eaten sparingly. They embrace:

  • Nuts: almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, and pistachios
  • Seeds: chia seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds
  • Oils: butter, vegetable oil, olive oil, margarine, and lard
  • Processed meals: cookies, candies, chips, pretzels, and quick meals


Foods with a really low calorie density embrace non-starchy veggies, broth-based soups, and fruits. These ought to comprise the majority of your weight loss plan. Meanwhile, it is best to restrict your consumption of processed meals, nuts, seeds, and oils.

On the Volumetrics Diet, it is best to eat Three meals per day, plus 2–Three snacks. Here’s a Three-day pattern menu:

Day 1

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit and a glass of skim milk
  • Snack: carrots with hummus
  • Lunch: grilled rooster with quinoa and asparagus
  • Snack: sliced apples and lightweight string cheese
  • Dinner: baked cod with spiced vegetable couscous

Day 2

  • Breakfast: nonfat yogurt with strawberries and blueberries
  • Snack: a hard-boiled egg with tomato slices
  • Lunch: turkey chili with kidney beans and greens
  • Snack: a fruit salad with melon, kiwi, and strawberries
  • Dinner: zucchini boats full of floor beef, tomatoes, bell peppers, and marinara sauce

Day Three

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions, plus a slice of entire wheat toast
  • Snack: a smoothie with skim milk, banana, and berries
  • Lunch: rooster noodle soup with a aspect salad
  • Snack: air-popped popcorn
  • Dinner: entire grain pasta with turkey meatballs and sautéed greens


The meal plan above offers some easy meal and snack concepts for the Volumetrics Diet.

The backside line

The Volumetrics Diet prioritizes meals with a low calorie density and excessive quantity. It promotes weight reduction by enhancing emotions of fullness whereas lowering starvation and cravings.

It may additionally enhance your weight loss plan high quality by rising your consumption of nutrient-dense meals like vegatables and fruits.

However, the Volumetrics Diet additionally requires substantial time and vitality, restricts a number of wholesome meals, and provides restricted on-line sources, which can make it unsuitable for some folks.

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