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SINGAPORE – Just earlier than the circuit breaker began on April 7, Mr Pan Dewei determined to set some targets.

Since his gymnasium was closed, he would go jogging each night time for 45 minutes in his neighbourhood within the east of Singapore, getting some contemporary air on the similar time.

He would banish the temptation to snack whereas working from residence, eradicating sugar and excising his favorite salted egg potato crisps from his weight-reduction plan.

As a single particular person dwelling alone, Mr Pan, who works within the authorized business, felt he might management what he ate.

Avoiding what he calls the “trap” of calorific supply meals, he selected to prepare dinner extra, emphasising grilled proteins and salads.

It was a bid to exert management amid the stresses of the coronavirus, a well-recognised response to coping with a disaster, specialists say.

Mr Pan, who’s in his 40s, says: “It was a manner of imposing some self-discipline and construction on an ambiguous and fearful state of affairs, the place you concern the worst.

“The pandemic had upended everything. You seek to impose control the only way you can, over your own life.”

He misplaced 7kg in about two months and now weighs 78kg. He is 1.76m tall.

He took the extra austere path, whereas others had been making too many journeys to the fridge, cooking, baking and snacking throughout the Covid-19 shutdown.

Comfort-eating has come into its personal with the time period “quaranten”, coined for the ten kilos (four.5kg) or so gained from over-indulgence throughout the lockdown worldwide.

When it involves how people reply to the coronavirus, specialists say that over-eating and abstinence might be two sides of the identical coin.

Dr Joan Khoo, chief and senior marketing consultant on the division of endocrinology at Changi General Hospital, says: “The circuit breaker and and the Covid-19 state of affairs are tough occasions.

“Many people address stress, nervousness and loneliness by consuming extra, particularly craving fatty and candy meals that stimulate the manufacturing of mind chemical compounds comparable to serotonin, which induces pleasurable sensations and relieves nervousness.

“Higher production of the stress hormone, cortisol, also increases hunger and promotes deposition of fat around the belly.”

“Conversely, other people may be motivated to control their weight if they are aware that they are going to be less active and eat more, especially if they had been advised to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight to manage conditions such as diabetes.”

Ms Saphira Nur Idayu demonstrating the “front kick through” whereas sporting a Fitbit. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

She notes: “Since the pandemic induced feelings of helplessness and lack of control, some people decided to take charge of at least one thing in their lives: Their weight, by dieting and embarking on an exercise programme.”

Other specialists say Singaporeans embraced pandemic pavement pounding additionally as a response to lengthy durations of confinement throughout the circuit breaker.

Even those that had been usually sedentary took to train throughout the circuit breaker, says Mr Chiang Hock Woon, deputy chief government officer of Sport Singapore.

According to the annual National Sport Participation Survey, the share of respondents who had been not energetic up to now yr decreased throughout the circuit breaker interval, from 15 per cent, in comparison with the annual common of 21 per cent final yr.

Sport Singapore just lately launched Get Active TV, which is a part of the GetActive @ Home initiative to encourage staying energetic and robust throughout this era.

It had 900,000 views final month, in comparison with 500,000 views in April, says Mr Chiang.

He says: “The demand could be very robust. Exercising at residence wasn’t one thing that people had been used to, however some have discovered it efficient.

“There is a sense of self-discovery and re-invention for some as they don’t need to travel to their office and have more free time during the coronavirus.”

Mr Danny Teo Jun Hao, a senior coach at health agency ExerciseOnly, notes that the prolonged circuit breaker, which was about two months, was prolonged sufficient to begin off many on a coaching routine, comparable to a 30-day health problem.

But healthcare practitioners warning in opposition to excessiveness and obsessiveness in embarking on any weight reduction programmes.

They suggest extra sustainable and average weight reduction, which suggests dropping not more than half or one kilogram every week, whereas consuming a wide range of meals.

She learnt to simply accept her physique

Ms Nur Idayu Abdul Rahman had refused to do any train within the first three weeks of the circuit breaker. PHOTO: COURTESY OF NUR IDAYU ABDUL RAHMAN, ALPHONSUS CHERN

Ms Nur Idayu Abdul Rahman, 25, refused to do any train within the first three weeks of the circuit breaker to stem the unfold of Covid-19.

For most of April, she was affected by fear as she contemplated the monetary affect of the coronavirus on the video manufacturing firm that she runs along with her 22-year-old husband.

Being unable to movie open air meant that work at Electus Films slowed to a trickle.

“I felt awful at the beginning with stresses and uncertainties, wondering whether I would get my next gig. When everything stopped… I didn’t want to move,” says Ms Idayu, who used to do parkour in a park usually.

But when she determined to train once more, her spirits lifted.

“I found that every little achievement made me happy,” she says.

Ms Saphira Nur Idayu demonstrating the “lizard crawl” whereas sporting a Fitbit. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

Notifications on her Fitbit health tracker – which exhibits whether or not she is getting sufficient sleep or has hit her goal coronary heart fee, a measure of optimum exertion for cardiovascular health – helped her re-establish an train routine.

Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month which fell inside the circuit breaker interval, additionally helped regulate her mealtimes.

She labored out each day for 2 hours earlier than breaking quick at barely previous 7pm, taking 10-minute breaks, so she did not really feel too thirsty.

She did primarily Animal Flow exercises, inspired by her buddy, motion coach Khairil Alias, 32, who despatched her particular directions on PDF information.

Animal Flow is a type of train involving ground-based actions with names like Full Scorpion and Lizard.

Ms Saphira Nur Idayu demonstrating the “full scorpion” whereas sporting a Fitbit. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

After two months of each day exercises and controlling her consumption of carbohydrates, Ms Idayu, who’s 1.59m tall, has misplaced 2 kg. She now weighs 67kg.

She has additionally gained a brand new self-image. Her pre-coronavirus life, surrounded by throngs of people and crammed with 12-hour work days, has given method to staying residence along with her husband and her mom, consuming home-cooked meals like salmon or hen breast with broccoli, and avoiding rice.

When the clamour of on a regular basis life subsided, she realised she had internalised a flood of detrimental feedback about her physique.

“It’s so quiet; you’re much closer to your head. You don’t realise until you’re alone with your thoughts how negative they can be. I had low self-esteem and I didn’t look the way I wanted to look,” she displays.

She is extra assured now that she feels more healthy. Though she is aware of it’s a lengthy street to finish self-acceptance, she is her personal cheerleader.

“Sometimes you need to be your own bro and tell yourself, it’s okay, you’re doing well.”

She ramped up her health targets throughout the circuit breaker

Stay-at-home mum Cinly Lee, 30, needed to lose her stomach fats after giving delivery to her third little one seven months in the past.

Ms Cinly Lee on her train bike throughout a exercise on June 25, 2020. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

The Covid-19 circuit breaker allowed her to focus extra on her health targets.

She now not needed to ferry her two elder youngsters, aged 5 and 4, to their abacus, swimming and Kumon enrichment courses, which had been suspended throughout the circuit breaker.

“I gave myself a challenge since I had more time,” says Ms Lee, who’s married to a 36-year-old government director of a building firm.

Ms Cinly Lee (centre) throughout a exercise over Zoom on June 25, 2020. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

From gymnasium classes 3 times every week beforehand, she labored out each weekday since early April, when the circuit breaker began. Her on-line exercises embrace HITT (high-intensity interval coaching); strength-training and body-weight-based courses on Zoom; in addition to train classes utilizing a stationery bike at residence.

She additionally grew to become extra strict along with her weight-reduction plan, slicing out rice at dinner and switching from vegetable oil to olive oil.

“Because we weren’t allowed to dine out during the circuit breaker and had to prepare most of our meals at home, it was easier to adopt a healthier diet and stick to it,” says Ms Lee, including that weaning her child daughter onto stable meals additionally helped. She needed to eat extra beforehand with a purpose to help her breastfeeding.

Ms Cinly Lee doing inch worm pushups throughout a exercise over Zoom on June 25, 2020. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

“Initially, it was difficult especially since I like to eat carbs like bread and cake. But your body gets used to it and being determined adds to your progress too,” says Ms Lee, who’s 1.64m tall.

She has misplaced seven kilograms since April, going from 75kg to 68kg, and is gunning for her goal of 60kg.

The endorphins launched by train, that are chemical compounds within the physique that set off constructive emotions, “drastically improved” her moods.

Ms Cinly Lee after a exercise on June 25, 2020. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

“During the circuit breaker, most of us had to stay at home. It affected me both physically and psychologically as I am usually an active person. It can stressful when everyone is confined,” she says.

“I soon realised that dedicating 45 minutes to a workout, away from my family, gave me a chance to recharge. I was taking good care of myself, which in turn allowed me to better take care of my family’s needs.”

Getting in higher form for NS

Aryan Goyanka needed to get in higher form for his nationwide service enlistment in August. PHOTO: COURTESY OF VIVEK VENKATRAM

Teenager Aryan Goyanka has a health deadline.

The 17-year-old needed to get in higher form for his nationwide service enlistment in August.

“I’m excited about NS. The strict regimentation and discipline is something new for me and I’m looking forward to it,” says the previous International Baccalaureate (IB) scholar, whose worldwide faculty has closed since April.

Pre-Covid-19, the Singapore everlasting resident, whose mother and father hail from India, used to go to the gymnasium 3 times every week. During the circuit breaker, this was changed by thrice-weekly particular person and group digital exercises involving lunges, planks and sit-ups with a coach. He additionally ran at the very least 5km virtually every single day in East Coast Park, close to his residence.

Before, he might do 5 push-ups a minute, however he now does 30.

Aryan, who’s 1.85m tall, has gone from 91kg to 87kg, and feels extra energetic over all.

His new health routine can also be a distraction from the coronavirus.

“Working out diverts your attention from a lot of negative news and helps you stay focused on one goal,” he says.

DJ finds fasting enjoyable

To have a good time his 30th birthday earlier this month, Joshua Simon went on a 53-hour quick and spent a number of time studying and writing in a journal. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

During the Covid-19 shutdown, SPH Radio DJ Joshua Simon found the thrill of fasting.

His traditional gymnasium visits and rock-climbing classes had been disallowed throughout the circuit breaker and he did not take pleasure in doing exercises at residence. So the 30-year-old Singaporean determined to focus extra on limiting his meals consumption to keep away from weight achieve.

“I needed something exciting. I wanted to try something new,” says the Kiss92FM radio DJ and impartial pop artist, who had adopted a vegetarian weight-reduction plan for the primary three months of this yr as an experiment.

After researching the subject, he determined to attempt a mix of two widespread weight-reduction plan traits – the ketogenic or keto weight-reduction plan, a really low-carb, high-fat weight-reduction plan; and intermittent fasting, a manner of consuming that alternates between fasting and regular meals consumption throughout a selected time frame.

In the keto weight-reduction plan, the physique breaks down fat to type substances known as ketones, which act as an alternate gasoline supply in a metabolic course of generally known as ketosis. Proponents say that intermittent fasting helps the physique attain ketosis sooner than on the keto weight-reduction plan alone.

A foul break-up in 2018 prompted SPH Radio DJ Joshua Simon to lose 11 kg in a couple of yr, but in addition resurfaced an previous behavior of bulimia he thought he had left behind.

Besides occurring midnight walks, he practises a type of intermittent fasting the place he goes for 20 hours every day with out meals. Although he’s not fully offered on the keto weight-reduction plan – he misses rice – he’s eager to embrace intermittent fasting for the lengthy haul.

“I like having a system. Intermittent fasting ensures I don’t binge and helps me control what I eat. It’s a reminder… to fill yourself up with other things,” he says. To have a good time his 30th birthday earlier this month, he went on a 53-hour quick and spent a number of time studying and writing in a journal.

Fasting, he says, has additionally helped him “repair (his) relationship with food”. Obese as a baby, the reminiscences related to being bigger than his friends nonetheless hang-out him.

“It’s not only attention that a child seeks, but also acceptance, I felt excluded from that because of weight,” says Mr Simon, who’s relationship somebody.

He has at all times loved leisure and popular culture however equally felt “repelled” by what he’s drawn to, as a result of the garments and appears feted by the business by no means match him.

A foul break-up in 2018 prompted him to lose 11 kg in a couple of yr, but in addition resurfaced an previous behavior of bulimia he thought he had left behind.

Standing at 1.85m tall, he now weighs about 95 kg, down from 110 kg, and he hopes to achieve 85kg.

He says he did not be aware of how a lot weight he misplaced throughout the circuit breaker as he does not wish to weigh himself and “fixate” on the quantity. But he feels and appears higher than he has ever been, he says.

Intermittent fasting has helped him have a look at meals as being “just food”, enabling him to realize objectivity concerning his struggles with meals.

He says: “To repair anything, you have to look at it from a distance, from many angles. To fix a bike, you have to get off it.”

Right now, his relationship with meals is “progressing”. “There’s a lot less fear,” he says.

Less washing up results in 5kg weight reduction

At 1.7m tall, Wen Guoxian weighs 65kg now, in comparison with 70kg earlier than (left). PHOTO: COURTESY OF WEN GUOXIAN

A reluctance to scrub dishes helped DJ Wen Guoxian, 46, lose 5 kilograms with out actually making an attempt.

Circuit breaker restrictions began dictating the meals the SPH Radio DJ ate since April.

For starters, he needed to ditch his behavior of consuming out. Preferring to prepare dinner a couple of quick and easy one-pot meals, he opted to steam or stir-fry hen or fish for his protein.

Deep-fried meals, which requires extra time cleansing oily crockery and mopping the kitchen ground, was out; as had been desserts which take an excessive amount of time to place collectively.

The vagaries of nabbing on-line supply slots, scarce throughout the circuit breaker, led him to set up a rationing system – the place he restricted himself to, say, three hen wings for a meal – simply in case his provides ran out.

The DJ at 96.three Hao FM station – hao means “good” in Mandarin – says: “My friends said I must be fighting a war with the rations I was on, but I was just lazy. I didn’t plan to slim down.”

Some acquaintances expressed envy and shock at how he misplaced a lot weight so shortly. At 1.7m tall, he weighs 65kg now, in comparison with 70kg earlier than.

Mr Wen, who saved up his common Tabata exercises, a type of high- depth interval coaching, says he felt disadvantaged at first, however discovered different consolations throughout the circuit breaker.

“At the beginning, I thought, why so cham (a Singlish word denoting being in a bad state), can only eat this or that. But I found myself enjoying not going out, when I had always thought of myself as someone who could not stay at home for long,” says the bachelor who lives alone.

He has been enjoyable and dealing on his personal tasks, comparable to setting up a house audio system.

“Cooking is not really as tough as I’d thought. I’ll be cooking at home more.”

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