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JEDDAH: People in Saudi Arabia have “unjustifiably” emptied pharmacies of surgical face masks, regardless of consultants stating that sporting them has not been confirmed to stop the unfold of coronavirus.
“It is true that many people have unjustifiably rushed to pharmacies in order to purchase face masks, despite it contradicting what is being announced by Health Ministry regarding the use of face masks,” Dr. Bandar Al-Amri, infectious ailments marketing consultant at East Jeddah General Hospital, instructed Arab News.
“They are for in-hospital health practitioners when providing medical care to isolated patients, home-quarantined patients, and their health care providers. Masks may also transmit infection if medical precautions regarding how to wear, remove or dispense of them are not properly observed,” Al-Amri stated.
He added that the identical additionally applies to medical gloves, as there isn’t a scientific proof that sporting them in public locations can forestall the transmission of microbes, together with viruses.

Through Arab News, I want to advise all to comply with the directions that the authorities present in regards to the new coronavirus, to guard us all till the virus is completely neutralized.

Dr. Bandar Al-Amri

“Like face masks, these gloves can be a source of dangerous microbial spread due to their exposure to contamination, and then they transfer microbes directly to the wearer when touching the nose, mouth or eyes. Many people also do not know how to wear them correctly and where to safely and properly dispose of them,” he stated.
Al-Amri urged everybody to strictly adhere to directions and directives revealed by official channels, particularly the Saudi Health Ministry.
“Through Arab News, I would like to advise all to follow the instructions that the authorities provide about the new coronavirus, to protect us all until the virus is totally neutralized,” he stated.
Public over-purchasing is already having detrimental impacts on availability of items like face masks and sanitizers.
Nahdi Medical Co., a number one chain of Saudi pharmacies, tweeted: “Due to the high and increasing demand for masks and alcohol-based sterilizers, which suppliers are having difficulty providing at local and global levels, we strive to provide them to you in our branches upon their arrival.”
Ahmed Mohammed, pharmacist, instructed Arab News that the concern that the virus had induced folks to purchase face masks hoping to guard themselves.
“People are experiencing this serious situation for the first time. They are afraid of coronavirus and that is why they are rushing to pharmacies to buy as many face masks as they can,” he stated.

People are experiencing this severe state of affairs for the primary time. They are afraid of coronavirus and that’s the reason they’re dashing to pharmacies to purchase as many face masks as they’ll.

A pharmacist

Mohammed instructed Arab News that the state of panic was not justified, as well being consultants had assured the general public that masks weren’t essential to stop the unfold of the virus.
“As you can see, I am not putting a mask on my face despite the fact that I receive hundreds of people with different health conditions (at my pharmacy) every day. The idea is that you should keep a distance of at least one meter between you and any other person, and always rub your hands with soap and water. I also avoid any sort of physical contact, such as shaking hands,” Mohammed stated.
He famous that based mostly on the suggestions of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Saudi Health Ministry, solely two varieties of folks ought to put on face masks: Those with signs of illness, reminiscent of coughing, or these taking care of folks with respiratory difficulties.
“As a pharmacist, I don’t ask my customers what they want the masks for, as everyone has his own reasons. However, with the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus, it is clear that many people still have misconceptions about face masks. Besides masks, they also ask for disinfectants, and this is good as these hand sanitizers are important to keep safe from the virus,” he stated.
Schoolteacher Mansour Al-Shamrani, although, instructed Arab News that he wished masks to maintain his kids protected when in crowded locations.
“Such a product is always available in my home. Despite their high prices nowadays, I am more keen to have face masks for my children,” he stated.
“I have so far searched for face masks in three different pharmacies. They all said they had no masks available,” he added.
According to the WHO, folks can catch COVID-19 from others who’ve the virus. The illness can unfold from individual to individual by small droplets from the nostril or mouth, that are unfold when an individual with COVID-19 coughs or exhales.
These droplets land on objects and surfaces in proximity to the provider, and different folks then catch coronavirus by touching these objects or surfaces, then touching their eyes, noses or mouths. People may also catch coronavirus in the event that they breathe in droplets from an individual with coronavirus who coughs or exhales droplets near them.
This is why “social distancing,” or holding not less than one meter away from an individual who’s sick, is important to stop the unfold of the virus.
Christine Francis, marketing consultant of an infection prevention and management on the WHO, stated healthy individual solely must put on a masks if they’re taking care of an individual with a suspected coronavirus an infection.
“The WHO only recommends the use of masks in specific cases. If you have a cough, fever and breathing difficulties, you should wear a mask and seek medical care. If one does not have these symptoms, they don’t have to wear masks because there is no evidence that they protect people who are not sick,” Francis stated.  
On its web site, the WHO has posted precautions folks can take to cut back the probabilities of being contaminated or spreading COVID-19. The checklist doesn’t embody masks in its coronavirus an infection transmission precautions.


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