A 7-Day High-Fiber Meal Plan for Weight Loss

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This recipe for Plant-Protein Powered Butternut Mac and “Cheese” boasts 11 grams of fiber.

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Fiber is not simply the go-to nutrient for preserving our our bodies common. It’s additionally a robust supply for sustaining a wholesome weight and selling weight reduction. Yes, certainly: Pumping up your fiber consumption might help you slim down.

How Fiber Can Help With Weight Loss

There are two kinds of fiber — soluble and insoluble, per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Soluble dietary fiber is simply that: It dissolves in water and kinds a gel-like substance in your abdomen that is then damaged down in your giant gut. This is the kind of fiber that helps decrease your ldl cholesterol and is nice for your coronary heart well being.

Insoluble dietary fiber would not dissolve; as an alternative, it passes by way of your GI tract and helps preserve you common.

Both kinds of fiber contribute to weight reduction. That’s as a result of fiber, usually, retains you feeling fuller longer after a meal or snack (in comparison with low- or no-fiber meals) and might help you eat much less, per Harvard Health Publishing. Plus, meals excessive in fiber are usually comparatively low in energy.

How Much Fiber You Should Aim For

Most of us fall brief in terms of our fiber consumption. Only about 5 % of Americans eat the day by day beneficial quantity, based on one research within the January-February 2017 concern of the ​American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine​. In different phrases, all of us most likely must up our fiber sport. But what is the goal?

The National Academy of Medicine (previously the Institute of Medicine) recommends between 25 and 38 grams a day for adults underneath 50, and 21 to 30 grams a day for adults 50 and older.

But in case your purpose is to drop some weight, purpose for 30 grams or extra per day. In a February 2015 research within the ​Annals of Internal Medicine​, research members had been instructed to both comply with a food regimen the place the one purpose was to eat a minimum of 30 grams of fiber a day or to comply with the American Heart Association’s (AHA) food regimen for stopping coronary heart illness (e.g., eat extra fruits, greens, high-fiber meals, fish and lean protein, and reduce on salt, sugar, fats and alcohol). Both teams misplaced weight, however because the researchers identified, the high fibre food regimen was a lot less complicated to comply with.

Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

10 Healthy, High-Fiber Foods

Here are 10 easy-to-find meals that can make it easier to up your fiber sport. Fiber counts are all per the USDA.

  1. High-fiber cereal:​ A fiber-packed, good-for-you cereal can ship wherever from 5 to 14 grams of fiber per serving (test the diet label)
  2. Chia seeds:​ 1/four cup comprises 11 grams of fiber
  3. Raspberries:​ 1 cup has a whopping eight grams of fiber
  4. Peas:​ These little inexperienced legumes pack in eight grams of fiber per cup
  5. Chickpeas:​ A half-cup has eight grams of fiber
  6. Avocado:​ This creamy inexperienced fruit is surprisingly fiber-rich, with 5 grams in a single half-cup
  7. Oatmeal:​ Prepare a half-cup of oats and get four grams of fiber
  8. Almonds:​ They are probably the most fibrous nut, delivering three.5 grams in a 1-ounce serving (Peanuts aren’t too far behind; a 1-ounce serving has simply over 2.5 grams of fiber)
  9. Air-popped popcorn:​ A cup of this low-calorie snack has only one gram of fiber — however it’s extra probably you may eat nearer to three cups, which boasts three grams of fiber
  10. Green beans:​ A single cup (which is a serving of greens) offers you three grams of fiber

Your 7-Day High-Fiber Meal Plan to Help You Lose Weight

Here we define what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you may get a minimum of 30 grams of fiber in your day by day food regimen. Some days provide much more of the nutrient.


Increasing your fiber too rapidly may cause unintended effects like constipation, fuel and bloating. If you are not used to this a lot fiber in your food regimen, you could wish to construct up slowly, including a bit extra fiber every day over the course of some weeks.

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