7 Warning Signs You Should Stop the Keto Diet Immediately

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Unless you’ve been residing on a desert island, you’ve most likely heard the buzz about the keto weight loss program. This high-fat, low-carb consuming plan has gained a serious following in the previous few years for serving to folks drop weight quick. In a 2020 survey, eight% of individuals mentioned that they had tried keto in the final yr.

Success on a ketogenic weight loss program all comes all the way down to adjusting your metabolism by consuming particular quantities of macronutrients. Getting your energy from 75% fats, 20% protein, and simply 5% carbohydrate forces the physique to enter a metabolic state referred to as ketosis, during which fats is burned for gas. It appears like a weight-loss dream, however this macronutrient-bending consuming plan isn’t for everybody. In reality, drastically altering up your macros can lead to some fairly disagreeable unintended effects. Plus, many well being professionals have cautioned that keto isn’t a wholesome long-term resolution for holding weight off.

How are you aware when it’s time to cease the keto weight loss program? Here are seven warning indicators the weight loss program might not be a perfect alternative.

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You’re nauseous or throwing up.


Ugh, the dreaded “keto flu.” Many folks report nausea and vomiting (in addition to dizziness, weak point, and irritability) shortly after beginning keto. If you’re not ready to experience out a bout of those signs, it’s possible you’ll wish to keep away from this weight loss program. “Keto flu is pretty common and can last anywhere from a few days to a week or two,” says dietitian Anne Danahy, MS, RDN. She advises ingesting loads of water and boosting electrolytes to reduce the signs—which ought to go away when you’re in ketosis.

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You haven’t any power.

tired woman
drained girl

Feeling such as you simply can’t rise up off the sofa? Keto could be responsible. Carbohydrates are the physique’s most popular power supply—so taking them off the menu can result in some severe exhaustion. Keto fatigue typically lifts as the physique transitions to utilizing fats for power, however some folks discover it an prolonged battle whereas on the weight loss program.

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You’re getting complications.

woman with headache
girl with headache

Switching up your macros may also trigger complications. When in ketosis, the physique tends to do away with fluids quicker (as in, you’re peeing extra typically). Plus, lowered insulin ranges from consuming fewer carbs can mess together with your electrolyte ranges. As a outcome, it’s possible you’ll turn into dehydrated, inflicting head ache.

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You’re having diarrhea.


Upping your consumption of fats can take its toll in your digestive system. If your physique isn’t accustomed to metabolizing giant portions of fats, it might merely expel it—sending you working to the lavatory. For some folks, keto-related diarrhea by no means lets up.


You can’t socialize by meals.

eating alone
consuming alone

A way of social isolation is a standard pitfall of many extremely particular diets. On keto, it’s possible you’ll discover eating out or consuming with associates turns right into a little bit of a minefield. After all, most restaurant menus and feast spreads don’t supply alternatives that comprise 75% fats.

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You’re all stopped up.

Grab toilet paper bathroom
Grab bathroom paper lavatory

Severely proscribing carbs is the key to the keto weight loss program’s success—however this implies you’ll miss out on one essential sort of carb: fiber. The longer you keep on a low-fiber weight loss program, the extra your digestion might decelerate. Long-term constipation can result in problems like hemorrhoids or bowel obstruction.


You’re not reducing weight.

stepping on scale
stepping on scale

Though it sounds fairly easy—eat a lot of fats and never a variety of carbs—stepping into ketosis may be difficult. “If you don’t follow the macros closely (at least initially) you won’t produce ketones and stay in nutritional ketosis,” says Danahy. And when you’re not in ketosis, it’s possible you’ll not reduce weight as shortly as you’d like. There’s additionally the easy problem of overdoing it on energy. “With such a high-fat diet, it’s easy to go overboard on calories, which will prevent you from losing weight.”

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