14 successful and terrible attempts to make dalgona coffee at home

The Red Tea Detox

“I made a keto version loosely based on this recipe but more improvised,” writes Senior Photographer Sarah Tew. 

– 1 cup of iced coffee I had made in a daily coffee maker (no instantaneous accessible)

– half cup heavy whipping cream (fats = good in keto weight loss program!)

– 10-12 hazelnut stevia drops as an alternative of sugar

– about 1 tablespoon of Greek yogurt and a splash of plain kefir to add a wholesome probiotic dose.

“Came out pretty nicely as a dessert-like coffee drink. I tried freezing the leftovers to make ‘coffee ice cream’ but unfortunately it does not scoop well, it just flakes (too airy I guess), so I did not photograph that.”

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